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    World's first crypto-backed decentralized food delivery network
    Welcome to BiteCoin Network
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    Blockchain at your doorstep?
    Instant Refund
    Enforced by smart contracts & Efficient on-the-chain delivery network algorithm
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    1 BiteCoin for every 1$ you spend

Welcome to BiteCoin Network.

Blockchain at your doorstep. Earn as you eat!

A large food delivery service network combined with power of the blockchain - That is BiteCoin in a nutshell. The world's first crypto-backed decentralized food delivery network.

Not Just Food!

Every order made by the user will be rewarded
with our new token BiteCoins into their personal wallet

BiteCoins can later be cashed out or traded
for other cryptocurrencies.

One-Pager Whitepaper

Increase Delivery Efficiency

Efficient algorithms employing neural networks and
fuzzy logic on-the-blockchain combined with the
power of machine learning, our delivery protocol deploys
quantum control with alpha-contracting invariant sets
used for fault tolerance guarantees.

BiteCoins add value to the blockchain with these
state-of-the-art control and automation techniques.

One-Pager Whitepaper

Customer is always the king!

Have you ever used a food delivery service and waited for hours only to be disappointed at the pathetic service and performance, or worse, to get a cold meal? Have you ever thought - “What a disappointment! I wish I had my money back!“

Well, look nowhere - you have come to the right place!

One-Pager Whitepaper

Why Blockchain in Food Delivery?.


On-demand food delivery regular customer complaints - delayed delivery to cold and/or wrong food.

With BiteCoin, no need for customer support tickets anymore. Yes, that is right - instant and automatic refund if your food doesn't arrive in time by fully enforced smart contracts.


Even with an estimated 25%-30% standard market rate commission, most most businesses are on a bleeding edge.

With BiteCoin, a paradigm shift in terms of network and fleet management efficiency by introducing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) on-the-blockchain. Route optimization, Model-Predictive and Fault-Tolerant Controls are implemented.


Cryptocurrency loyalty programs for users. 1 BiteCoin for 1$ of food.

Verified, uneditable and non-destroyable on-the-blockchain reviews and rating process. A new tripadvisor, but without the fakes and spams.


***Register and get 100 BiteCoins Welcome Airdrop***


Smart Contracts

All our features are fully enforced by smart contracts and are open-sourced, there is no turning back :)

BiteCoin rewards

For every dollar you spend to order food, you get one BiteCoin - Earn as you eat!


We employ scalability across all our platforms for an unmatched fast performance and latest techniques in fault tolerant control for robustness.

Safe and Secure

All our payment and data system is secured with a cryptographic-tunneled encryption layer on top of the industry standard SSL/TLS protocol built-in. We use non-repudiation of origin and destination payment tracks using one-way encryption techniques thereby mitigating risks of DDoS attacks.

Bite-X Asset Exchange Platform

With an enormous user-base of daily lovers of BiteCoin app and you - the community supporters, we will create a digital asset trading platform which will also include BiteCoin-BTC trading pairs right from the beginning. This will pull in large crowds of food lovers to the crypto community, empowering both those individuals and the community as a whole!

Control Strategy

A control strategy for our delivery protocol employs quantum control with alpha-contracting invariant sets used for fault tolerance. We use deterministic FTC rather than stochiastic Bayesian inference or voting methods.

Reliable and Robust

Reliability and Zero-trust transactions. You can track your food delivery, right from your checkout moment. If it is ready, when it is ready and where your food is right now! All your deals (payments, schedule of delivery and reliability) are defined by yourself and are securely enforced by autonomous smart contracts

Instant Refund

No customer support issues, no tickets, nothing! Everything is done by the smart contract - that means - if you don’t get what you ordered or if the delivery isn’t executed on time, you get your money back instantly.


An autonomous, audited and public ledger escrow ensures we keep our end of the deal. Our smart contract enforces our checkout promises (delivery item and time) and the escrow-on-the-blockchain ensures that either you get your item on time or your money is refunded instantly.

AI Algorithm

Neural networks and fuzzy logic on-the-blackchain to optimize the delivery routes making it a viable business model. Smartest way for the food to reach your home.

Fully Decentralized

Our token emission platform and future utility-based ecosystem be fully decentralized and based on the revolutionary BiteCoin web and mobile app.

Audited Documentation

As a registered organization, we will document and display the progress of both technical and financial proceeds of the company.

BiteCoin Thinktank

We are a small team having a vast experience and very strong technical expertise. The dynamic spectrum of our members add to the collective growth and proven track record our R&D and makes the project a confident investment.
Abid Kodakkadan

Abid Kodakkadan

Dual MS in Space Science and Technology. Doctoral research in University of Paris-Saclay in Automation and Control. Published several papers in peer-reviewed journals and conferences on Fault Tolerant Control, Invariant-set based Fault Tolerance guarantees and Switching-stable control techniques.
Aftab Chundanveetil

Aftab Chundanveetil

Chief Strategist & Operations
A network engineer who is specialised in Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Innovation from Skema Business School, Sophia Antipolis, Valbonne. Having worked in multiple disciplines, Aftab spearheads the project with strategic positioning and leadership qualities.
Ameen Rashad

Ameen Rashad


Ameen is an Electronics and Electrical Engineering graduate with special skills in Management and Product Development. With a huge experience of initiating few startups himself, he has joined the core team of BiteCoin. Founded two app development companies one is San Fransico and in Paris.

Tahar Laraba

Dr. Tahar Laraba

Research and Development

Tahar is a development reseach scientist with doctorate from University Paris-Saclay. His reseach interests are Model Predictive Control, Time-delay systems and invariant sets, D-invariant sets and control optimization. He has published several papers in peer-reviewed journals in the domain

Rajesh Koduri

Dr. Rajesh Koduri


Rajesh received his doctoral degree in Automation (Optimization and Control) from CentraleSupelec, France. With a Master of Science in Automation and Robotics from Technical University of Dortmund, Germany, dhs research interest includes mathematical optimization, predictive control and algorithmic programming

Delbin Thomas

Delbin Thomas

Frontend Development

Delbin is a proven Entrepreneur, Web developer and the founder of, a online company operating in the cash back service industry. He is known by many as a business networker with community building skills. Delbin heads community management for BiteCoin Network

BiteCoin Advisors

A team of industry, tech & business experts look over our shoulders all the time, thanks to their continued support.
Scott Douglas

Scott Douglas

ICO Advisor

A seasoned business strategist with a passion for bleeding edge technologies. Scott worked in the enterprise space, consulting on complex networking, telecommunication and SaaS projects.

With a proficiency in project management, sales, leadership, scaling and improving operational efficiencies in F500 companies, he is an industry leader in knowledge pertaining to fintech, blockchain, and cryptocurreny. He is the founder of the Crypto Improvement Fund, Blockchain.Edu and Blockchain.Launchpad.

Jillian Godsil

Jillian Godsil

ICO Advisor

Jillian has held senior positions with global PR companies in Sydney, Singapore, London and Dublin. She was PRO of Iona Technologies (Ireland’s first company to float on NASDAQ). She changed the law in Ireland in 2014 and is a former European Parliamentary candidate (as an independent).

She is a freelance journalist with CryptoCoin.News, The Irish Independent and The Irish Times. She has her own radio show on DublinCityFM. Her first job after graduating from Trinity College was as a systems analyst with JP Morgan.She is advisor to a number of ICOs, has been named a Crypto Queen by In Zero Conferences as well as listed in the 50 most influential women in blockchain rollcall.

Danny Christ

Danny Christ

Industry Ambassador

A networker and traveller, Danny was born in Germany, worked and lived in USA, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, and currently residing in Malaysia.

With over 10 years’ in Southeast Asia he is a specialist in the hospitality market (IT and operations) — pioneering retail, restaurants and franchises through brand development, conceptualisation, and expansion. Danny managed IT (ERP, HRM, CRM, POS) projects for various restaurant chains such as Redsun-ITI, Alfrescos Group, Vietnam and Wine Connection, Singapore. He was mentor and advisor for a Food Delivery startup in Malaysia, and recently developed Food Delivery Strategy for a 150 restaurant group.

Paul Francis

Paul Francis

ICO Advisor

Blockchain enthusiast with more than a decade of experience in Corporate Events Industry. A proficient investment consultant and advisor. Experienced with investment sales and international business development for emerging markets and emerging technology.

The BiteCoin Network

Our platform is on an alpha release phase! Built with passion & intuitiveness in mind. We literally intend to keep to our motto - Blockchain at your doorstep.
Restaurants in partnership
Cities ready to deploy
Man Hours of delivery transit

Our Restaurant Partners

Currently, we serve only Paris city. More cities to come real soon.
We have already partnered with more than 200+ restaurant in Paris city alone

What and how?

What do we do & How does it work? Check out this one-pager to get a brief Idea. Read the whitepaper for a comprehensive information. One-Pager Whitepaper

Nick orders a 50$ course, the app shows 30 min delivery time. The payment is sent to the escrow. If the food does not arrive at Nick's doorstep in 30 min, the money is refunded instantly. If it reaches, he gets 50 BiteCoins!

With BiteCoin, your food delivery network becomes your best friend.

ICO Public Pre-Sale starts in

ICO Key Metrics
B = Billion, ETH = Ether, All values are based on USD-ETH approximations and are subject to change with market

Token total supply
Token Sale Soft Cap
Token Sale Hard Cap
BiteCoin Face Value
(approx @ 1ETH = 1000$)
ICO crowd sale tokens
Team, Investors, promoters, bounty and bonus
Pre-sale bonus
Pre-Sale Minimum quantity

Project Roadmap

  • Food delivery partners
    Application development phase
    Market research and competitive analysis

  • Fleet management beta
    Bite-X Concept design
    Mobile app MVP alpha

  • Corporate social responsibility policy
    Calculated ROI at 15%
    Business forecast and revenue projection
    ICO crowdsale

  • Key strategic partnerships
    Cusotmer segmentation and relationship
    Web platform developement
    Token distribution
    BiteCoin launch event in Paris

  • Consultant partnership
    Open sourcing Bite-X
    Mobile and web on-the-blockchain
    Digital exchanges listing

  • Bite-X alpha testing
    Machine learning integration
    On-the-chain trajectory planning algorithm

  • On-the-chain optimization algorithm
    Fault tolerance guarantees

  • Beta app rollout
    Candidate release
    Full implementation City 1

  • Vertical and horizontal scaling
    Bite-X beta rollout
    Bite-X Candidate Release
    Expansion to other cities


With BiteCoin, a punctual delivery is guaranteed with quality or else they get their money back. The customer also earns BiteCoin as they eat!


With BiteCoin Network, the restaurants don't have to worry about weeks of money lock periods. Our smart contracts will do daily settlements.

Blockchain Community

We add value by implementing advanced AI in trajectory planning and FTC on-the-chain. Additionally, a large chunk of the common man, the food lovers, jump in on the blockchain wagon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BiteCoin and how does it work?

BiteCoin brings both the worlds together. A large consumer audience, specifically food lovers and the crypto ecosystem.

What is the difference between you and other delivery service networks if any, like UberEats or Deliveroo?

Well, that’s the point. We are not a traditional food delivery service. Our network is fully integrated into the blockchain. We make possible to join the food eating community with the crypto community and ecosystem. First and foremost, you can pay with traditional currency and cryptocurrency on our app for your orders. Keep reading for more details - it gets all more interesting from here.

What does that mean you are integrated in the blockchain? How?

It means all our deals, starting from food ordering app to ordering to payment to route planning and delivery, everything is handled on-the-chain. When you deliver a meal, the payment is held in an escrow. If the meal is delivered on-time and with the right items, the payment is released, else the payment is immediately refunded. You don’t have to worry about customer service issues, opening support tickets, or anything else for that matter. Everything is enforced by smart contracts. Sit back and relax, and wait for your meal in confidence. Period. Check the 'Usecase Example' tab for more info.

How do you pull in traditional customers of other services to your network?

We are committed to adding value to all our products across all spectrum of audiences. A customer receives an equivalent amount of BiteCoin for their invoice. For instance, if Bob orders a meal and makes a payment of 20$, Bob's app automatically received 50 BiteCoins when the delivery is successfully completed. This gives an intrinsic value of 1$ per 1 BiteCoin. The customer is at ease to trade this across any platforms that welcome BiteCoin. On top of that, we are launching our own exchange platform - Bite-X where the customer can trade BiteCoins right from the beginning.

So BiteCoin is a network that pays for eating?

Easily put, “so” is right. But BiteCoin doesn't stop there. See our 'Value Proposition' tab for more details on what each stakeholder is going to achieve in this product. It is a win-win situation for all players.

What will happen if I don’t get my food on time?

BiteCoin network's smart contract ensures that you do. Instances when you don't, all your payment will be immediately refunded back to you. We are able to do this because you haven't made your payment yet, but an escrow detective is keeping an eye on your payment. It only releases the payment if BiteCoin network has stood to their end of the deal. If the product doesn't deliver on time, the escrow automatically gives your money back. The beauty is that everything is controlled by smart contracts. You don’t have to do anything. Sit back and relax.

Do you have an MVP?

We have implemented an alpha version of the delivery and the exchange application. Both the delivery network and the Bite-X needs a lot more work and is expected to be rolled out on time. Check our "Roadmap" for more details on our estimated project implementation.

What do you do to make the delivery network on the blockchain?

Most delivery networks businesses fail to fly because of the overhead costs in delivery. We intend to use state-of-the-art technology solutions to optimize the path taken for food deliver to optimize our network performance. We use quantum control strategy for parameter controls in modelling and route planning with advanced FTC techniques. Invariant-set based fault tolerant controls are deterministic in nature and ensures guaranteed fault tolerance mechanism in our trajectory planning, mapping and execution. All optimization models will be evaluated and executed on the blockchain. These types of techniques will supposedly reduce our overhead costs by improving efficiency which other leading market players can’t compete with.

The project seems good. I don't live in your city where you deliver. How do I gain from all this?

It is true we are launching in only select cities at the beginning. To be precise, we are launching in Paris and London during the launch phase. However though, we have plans to rapidly expand our network to other cities worldwide. We believe in the power of blockchain and the power of the people. We find it hard that people will be reluctant to support our initiative which is full of fun and gain. With all the added incentives, we believe we can spread out to multiple cities across the globe in a small amount of time.

Even better - If you are in a place where we don't do the delivery service as of now. You still can participate. You can buy BiteCoin tokens (only during the ICO stage) like any other tokens and trade at listed exchanges. Bite-X, a fully integrated digital asset exchange platform, will be operational soon and you can trade your tokens there as well. Don't wait - Buy it while it is still sold at a bargain!

I am still confused. Can you show an example of how this thing works?

Our BiteCoin platform is full of top-notch restaurants in the city with mouth-watering dishes listed along with eye-catching offers. Marie, using our app’s user intuitive interface, chooses her favourite food from the menu and places an order valued at 50$. An estimated delivery time of 40 minutes is shown on her BiteCoin app. She chooses to pay from a number of different secure payment options including Bitcoins.

Once her payment has been verified, a smart contract is executed with the following enforcements:
(a) The payment from Marie is transferred to an escrow account. If the payment is made using an authorized cryptocurrency, then the amount is transferred to an escrow enforced by the contract and appears on the blockchain instantly.
(b) BiteCoin processes the order and is transferred to the restaurant and the delivery network.
(c) BiteCoin on-the-blockchain delivery network can be monitored to know the status of your orders, and even better, track your food.

Either of the following scenarios proceeds in the event cycle:
(d)(i) BiteCoin network delivers the food item to Marie. She verifies what she ordered and approves the delivery on the app or website. The escrow releases the money to BiteCoin.
(d)(ii) BiteCoin network fails to deliver the ordered food item OR delivers later than 40 minutes. The smart contract automatically refunds Marie’s account with her money. She gets the food and the money, yes - free food.

Event (d)(i) is assumed to have happened for all future representations in this document.
BiteCoin receives the order amount of 50$ and sends Marie 50 BiteCoins which she can use in the app to order food again or save it for future trades/cashouts.
BiteCoin sends 70% of the order amount to the restaurant and retains 30% of the order with the company as revenue. All payments with the restaurant are settled on a per-day basis rather than industry wide biweekly or monthly settlement practises, thereby mitigating the accessibility and liquidity risk of the restaurant owner.

Who are the stakeholders that you propose to add value to?

The first and foremost is the customer. That is, the food loving community. The second is the restaurant and their service provider. The third is the blockchain and the crypto community. Browse further to see more details about the value given to each stakeholder.

What value you add to the customer?

UUser of a regular food-delivery system uses it to order food and nothing more. With BiteCoin, the two main unique features that we add to the otherwise normal customer are:
(a) The customer can order in confidence. With delivery bottlenecks for companies, it is often the case that food delivery services won't fulfils their promises. They are late or even that the meal is not what the user ordered for in the first place. With BiteCoin, users can now order in confidence. If any of the terms of supply (including, but not limited to, time of delivery) are broken, the deal will automatically be declined by the smart contract and the user gets their money back instantly.
(b) The customer gets an equivalent amount of BiteCoins, which they can save, use it for trading with other cryptocurrencies in listed exchanges, or transfer within the network to other customers.

What value do you propose to give to the restaurant owners?

We plan to ensure that we are fully transparent in all our undertaking including our business model, which is why, we declare the financial projections and estimated revenue in our whitepaper.
Industry-wide standards for restaurants are biweekly or monthly settlements. That is, if you are a restaurant owner, and you have a tie-up with a delivery service. Once a customer orders food, you have to wait for two weeks up to one month to receive your payment. With BiteCoin, it is simply instant. Our payment is released (minus the network commission rate, currently at 30%), to the restaurant owner on a per-day basis.
BiteCoin network will deduct a 30% commission on all orders as per the prevailing industry standard rates.

Fair enough. What value do you add to the blockchain and the cryptocurrency community?

A huge section of the population is not yet familiar with the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Our plan is to bring them closer to using, trading and getting experienced in dealing with cryptocurrencies, especially BiteCoins.
Apart from having a large network of food lover getting BiteCoins and them following the cryptocurrency knowledge curve to get more efficient in their trading, we are also key suppliers to the blockchain ecosystem.
(a) Our payment system will be fully decentralized and will be handled at the end node of individual users.
(b) Once the payment has been made (both crypto and fiat), it will be held in an escrow account and will be released only if the delivery is made in time all enforced by on-the-chain smart contracts.
(c) Once the network receives the order summary, our cutting-edge algorithm is executed on-the-chain to optimize trajectory planning, delivery implementation, fault tolerance and live tracking.

Are your tokens offered as a security?

No. We do not offer out tokens as company security. However, we plan to offer some derivatives in our Bite-X exchange platform which could technically be classified as securities. Nevertheless, BiteCoins are not securities but only utility tokens.

What are BiteCoins? Are they coins with an independent blockchain or are they tokens?

During the entire ICO process, we would initially release fully compliant ERC-20 tokens as BiteCoins. However, after Phase II of our platform development, we will swap the utility tokens for fully integrated BiteCoins with an independent blockchain. We will release the technical details of the BiteCoin blockchain protocol in due course.

When does the token sale start?

The presale for BiteCoin will start on April 30th, 2018 10:00 AM GMT and will run until May 30, 2018 10:00 AM GMT. Only institutional buyers and ICO pools will be entertained to buy during this time with a minimum of 1 ETH and maximum 100 ETH buying quantity. The ICO pre-sale tokens will be issued at a 35% bonus to enable early birds get their true reward.

Do you have a public crowd sale?

Yes, we do! The ICO crowd funding will start on a date later disclosed. Please follow the website for more updates. We are planning to run the ICO campaign with an estimated bonus rate of 20% for the first week and 10% for the second week of sale. The exact details will be out on our website shortly.

I see that there are 50 Billion BiteCoins total supply? Why is it so large?

We have worked out the math rigorously. We sell only 30 Billion tokens during the ICO campaign. A 10 Billion token is reserved for investors, team members, bonuses and bounty hunters altogether. The remaining 60 Billion tokens are a calculated cost for an estimated 10 years of operating cost of the BiteCoin network ecosystem. Remember, we deliver 1 BiteCoin for 1$ of order placed on our app.

What do you do with the remaining unsold tokens after the crowdsale?

We will burn the remaining of the 5 billion tokens as soon as the crowd sale completes. However, we will retain the operating tokens in a third-party audited international escrow account which can be redeemed only against actual invoice.

Do you have a bounty and rewards program or a referral airdrop?

Yes, indeed! Once you register an account and redeem your welcome bonus BiteCoins, you will get your unique referral ID and your bonus rewards pattern. Hurry!
Rush to Registration to claim you welcome bonus and your referral links! More information about our bounty program will be conveyed through our official channels as they become available. Stay tuned.

What is Bite-X?

Bite-X is our digital asset exchange platform. As everything that is related to BiteCoin and its team, Bite-X also has unique features which no other competitor will supply. Details of the Bite-X platform and its features will only be released to the public when we have a beta testing version rolled out to keep minimal attraction from unwanted visitors. Nevertheless, rest assured, it is going to be yet another rollercoaster ride!